Where can I find a maintained organic farm?

Organic Farm as it sounds is chemical free and does not include any pesticide in its soil in the cultivation process. Markets are filled with vegetables and fruits that are grown artificially using chemicals like calcium carbide that fastens the growth of the fruits and vegetables. 

This artificial growth decreases the nutrition and the actual taste of the fruits and vegetables.According to the Indian Penal Code Food Adulteration is a crime under IPC Sections 272 to 276  for which the convict can be imprisoned and can be charged a heavy fine. To tackle this major issue it is important to create awareness and call out those who have put lives of people on stake.

Ruia Agro Farms is your first step towards eating healthy and living healthy. Spread across 8 acres of land that is just a 2 hr drive from the city of Mumbai.

Maintained and Managed Organic Farm that houses more than 50 different types and organic fruits and vegetables that are grown in a multi layer farming setup which enables all the cultivations to receive enough sunlight and nutrients from the soil. 

The soil of our farms is tested by authorities and has been certified as organic farmland. Every farm has an attached earthworm bed that produces 100 % natural and organic manure that is used  by expert agriculturists and horticulturists that manage the farms to make the soil more rich and suitable for our farming activities.Our organic farms come with an attached caretaker room for the convenience of caretaker with built in washroom. Along with the caretaker room, all the necessary farming tools like spade,shovel,rakes,axe etc are provided for your ease.

Ruia Agro Farms brings to you the future of organic farming will all the convenience and luxury. 

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