Test Summary Reports Tutorial: Learn with Example & Template

Test reports enable the stakeholders to estimate the efficiency of the testing and detect the causes that led to a failed or negative test report. The stakeholders can evaluate the testing process and the quality of the specific feature or the entire software application. They can clearly understand how the team dealt with and resolved the defects. During testing, it acts as a physical log that records what code was tested, in what configuration, and what bugs were found.

Also, emphasize the testing team’s outstanding work in ensuring the product’s quality. This section contains a summary of everything required for test execution such as metrics used, test environments, types of tests performed, etc. Graphs and charts can be used for better and clear portrayals of the metrics. As the test summary report ensures only quality products get released, brand recognition & reliability get improved.

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Whether it’s a formal document or a simple summary of what was done, a test report contributes to better software development. Here, the tester will specify the numerous types of testing performed that are needed particularly for the project. It will ensure the software is tested appropriately as per the software test policy. IBM Rational Performance Tester helps software testing teams test earlier and more frequently as part of a DevOps approach. The language you use to create and present your test reporting and dashboard can also affect how well they communicate and convey your test insights. You should use clear and simple language that is appropriate for your audience and the type of information you want to share.

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The test cycle report is essentially a summary of everything that occurs throughout a single cycle. It describes the tests that will be executed and the builds that will be tested in this cycle. Where test progress monitoring is about gathering detailed test data, there reporting test status is about effectively communicating our findings to other project stakeholders. Instead, you show the application the workflow you want to test and the service performs those tests. Mabl can even automatically adapt to small user interface changes and alert developers to any visual changes, JavaScript errors, broken links, and increased load times.

Test Execution Log

You should avoid using jargon, acronyms, or technical terms that your audience may not understand, or explain them if you have to use them. You should also use consistent and precise terminology and definitions, and avoid using ambiguous or misleading words or phrases. With modern automation tools and 3rd party libraries, we can automate testing of any application type and even web services. Talking about web testing – I definitely prefer Selenium, Appium for mobile devices and some 3rd party libraries like Rest Assured or Http Client for web services. In this article I’ll dig into a list of tools for test reporting and figure out the best choices. Representation of the number of defects logged (per sprint for agile teams / or per duration like week, month for traditional projects).

test reporting in software testing

Save the test report in a document repository system to ensure its proper maintenance. The causes of generating noise data are environmental instability, flaky test cases, and other reasons that lead to false negatives, of which the team cannot determine the root cause. After the advent of Agile development and DevOps, this scenario test reporting has altered considerably. Organizations have to make decisions about quality not in a matter of months but often within some weeks, days, or even hours. The progress of the team in terms of the fixed defects from the previous cycle to the current cycle. A summary of all the steps the team has implemented in the test cycle.

What to include in a Test Summary Report?

Testing shows presence of mistakes.Testing is aimed at detecting the defects within a piece of software. But no matter how thoroughly the product is tested, we can never be 100 percent sure that there are no defects. Test reporting is a critical element of the product release process because it allows stakeholders to make informed judgments about whether a product, feature, or defect resolution is ready for release.

  • Actually, progress is the set of metrics, allowing to understand what stage the project is.
  • Additionally, since there are not many tutorials available in the documentation, some features may take more time to master.
  • To speed up and improve the quality of software testing and improve its quality, it’s important to adopt advanced automation.
  • The test summary report is prepared at the end of each cycle or at the very end of the project.
  • By integrating software bill of materials creation into the software development lifecycle, IT and DevOps teams can build more …
  • This involves analyzing the information and metrics available to support conclusions, recommendations, and decisions about how to guide the project forward.

Automated test activities include test execution, functional test case design, test data generation, and testing of end-to-end business scenarios. It’s the most widely used testing technique, followed by exploratory testing. Use case describes how a system will respond to a given scenario created by the user. It is user-oriented and focuses on the actions and the actor, not taking into account the system input and output. Keeping the project concepts in mind, developers write use cases and after completing them, the behavior of the system is tested accordingly.

What Should a Test Report Contain?

Review your product’s status, create targets, and follow the process using Allure TestOps Analytics. Create your own set of KPIs using an Allure Query Language and keep track of your project’s progress at a glance. Allure TestOps links both Manual and Automated testing empowering your team’s productivity. Reinforce and speed up your CI/CD pipeline and get instant insights into your test coverage. Store the test summary reports in a document repository system for better maintenance.

Make sure your report includes evaluation metrics such as Test case effectiveness, test case adequacy, cost of defect identification, schedule variance, effort ratio, test efficiency, schedule slippage, etc. Finally, in this https://globalcloudteam.com/ step reveal if you think the application is ready for deployment or not. As a test manager or test lead, state your opinion on whether the application needs further improvement or it can be released to stakeholders.

A central hub for all your tests

Traditional execution logs may come in handy, but to keep up with the ever-changing digital race, consider a smart test reporting solution like Katalon TestOps. By integrating with common frameworks, TestOps acts as a robust orchestration solution, enabling teams comprehensive access into their tests, resources, and environments. The modern development based on Agile, DevOps, and CI/CD has changed the scope of test reporting and added more responsibilities to the shoulders of agoodtest report. Although we understand how an ideal test report should serve, there still are some challenges that come in the way of achieving the best test report standard. A good test reporting process gives insight and answers to all these important questions. You can not only improve quality of an app, but you can accelerate your releases.

test reporting in software testing

Traditionally, a test report was compiled and summarized (using spreadsheets!) as one of the final stages of a waterfall development process. Releases were few and far between, so there was time to compile results, create a report, and make decisions. Beyond product quality, a test report also provides insight into the quality of your testing and test automation activities.


In each case, validating base requirements is a critical assessment. Just as important, exploratory testing helps a tester or testing team uncover hard-to-predict scenarios and situations that can lead to software errors. We designed Testmo’s test automation integration so it’s fast and easy to submit all your automated tests, regardless of the tools, languages and platforms you use. Our open & cross-platform CLI tool can be quickly added to your CI pipelines, deployed to build servers and added to custom workflows to get started in minutes. Full test automation management, integration and reporting with your existing tools.

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