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Organic Farm Houses with the best amenities

At Ruia Agro Farms, an organic farmhouse close to Mumbai, you may find true tranquility in the untouched, unspoiled surroundings of Manor. Would you like to separate yourself from the busy-ness of your city life?
Then a trip to Ruia Agro Farms is perfect for you! For all travelers and nature lovers, it is the ideal getaway. You can engage in traditional outdoor recreation activities and engage in a variety of thrilling activities, including long walks, daring hikes, host parties, BBQ with a swimming pool. Allow yourself to find inner serenity by practicing yoga by the lovely riverfront! You can also investigate the fascinating, age-old practices of organic farming!
Our professional and experienced team can teach you about the many farming secrets! Due to its location in the town of Manor, Ruia Agro Farms is easily accessible to tourists traveling from Mumbai and Pune. In addition, we provide a number of cutting-edge conveniences for your comfort and convenience. Gazebo, Jacuzzi, BBQ area, air-conditioned rooms, and 24×7 water facility are a few interesting extras. You can decide to eat in and pamper your taste buds with delectable regional cuisine. In fact, we use our farms\’ 100% organic vegetables to make the majority of the dishes!
Visit us if you want to get back in touch with nature and find inner peace. Book a farmhouse at Ruia Agro Farms, an organic farm close to Mumbai, to experience nature at its purest!

We know you want to live such a peaceful and extraordinary life. To get your own farmhouse today, contact Ruia Agro Farms at +91 8828824450 or email us at

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