Job hunting with depression: ‘The rejection got to me and I couldn’t get out of bed’

In week one, you might find this comes naturally, but as the search stretches out over time, you could find yourself with little to no motivation to do anything. Remember, the greatest attribute a job seeker can have is persistence. It won’t always be easy, but it’s worth it to find a job you love. If I’m being rejected for jobs that I know I can do, or would be able to with a weeks’ training, then I’m not going to apply for jobs I’m not qualified to do. I used to be all for this, after all the worst they can say is no. The introduction of Universal Credit in 2013 led to an increase in reported psychological distress attributed to the claims process and the threat of sanctions leaving claimants feeling extremely low.

  • The main forms of income related benefits are Universal Credit (UC), Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).
  • It will take a very long time before Japanese hiring culture is transformed to accommodate truly more diverse workers who could make contributions that cannot be imagined within the present employment structure.
  • In recent years people have become more open about talking about their mental health.
  • This has made them increasingly cautious and conservative, and prodded many to opt for the safe path of getting into the secure employment system.
  • Depression is more than simply feeling unhappy or fed up for a few days.

The privilege of being young is that they are allowed to make mistakes and try again in a world with open possibilities. Maybe a lucky few are already sure about what they want to do. But the message from the wider society is that unless you join the short, intense race to stable lifetime employment, you are a failure for life.

If you keep getting rejected for every job you apply for

However, since going freelance, getting back into full-time work has been super difficult. More fundamentally, mental health needs to be taken much more seriously by government. More than 60 job rejections later and one writer is starting to question everything… A combination of a) being young, and b) having a lot of spare time, could actually provide ample opportunity to find a side-hustle while you job search.

Because their priority is recruiting the best, they turn to gakureki, using university names as an easy, shortsighted solution, which implies a lack of creativity and flexibility on the hiring side (Toyokawa). It also endorses a vicious cycle of blocking opportunities for those who do not perform well in their late teens. Japan’s obsessive faith in university names continues and perpetuates later social statuses divided by university ranking.

Prince Andrew isn’t used to people saying ‘no’ – but the King is teaching him a few lessons

“I use a Pomodoro app on my phone to focus for 25 minutes then have a break for five minutes. I’m actively taking care of my mental health better, talking walks regularly and doing some meditation. “I’m up by 10am and I set myself mini-goals, such as find three jobs to apply for in the morning and apply for three in the afternoon. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings.

Why does my job search feel hopeless?

When the job search starts to feel hopeless, take a day off to do some self-reflection. Think about what you've done so far and whether it's time to go in a new direction. Feeling discouraged will not help you land a job, but feeling optimistic and excited about the future will!

The main forms of income related benefits are Universal Credit (UC), Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). People with health conditions, including mental health conditions, which limit their ability to work can also claim an additional income support payment. We look at the prize, getting the job, as the reward for all the work. Instead, providing ample rewards for all your job-hunting efforts is best.

Disclosing a mental illness in the workplace

Policies announced in the Budget are rightly focused on economic recovery and tackling the expected rise in unemployment. However, their impact will fall short unless they also tackle the mental health consequences of the pandemic and unemployment. Unemployment has a detrimental impact on mental health, as does poor quality employment. This long read is concerned mainly with unemployment and mental health. Entering the pandemic, unemployment in the UK was at a historic low, but has since begun to rise, and is expected to rise further, as a result of pandemic restrictions. On the other hand, if you’ve spent a long time unemployed and depression doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, it may be worth getting some medical advice.

depression and job search

Many develop symptoms of anxiety, depression, and physical complaints (Linn, M.W. et al., 1985). After completing that third or fourth interview, your hope for an offer naturally rises. Some companies ghost applicants, leaving them confused and uncertain. If you are feeling lost while searching for your next role or are thinking about starting your job search, Morgan Law can help. As experienced public and not-for-profit sector recruiters we specialise in matching you with roles and employers that are the right fit for your skills and experience. Set a Routine
Even if you don’t have specific working hours, it is still better to have a scheduled routine.

Video: clinical depression – Lawrence’s story

It revealed low self-esteem among Japanese, particularly those in their late teens to early 20s. They saw themselves in a much less positive light than young people from other countries. Less than half of Japanese youth responded that they were satisfied with themselves (while other countries polled up to 86%). Furthermore, Japanese youth were found to be more pessimistic. Only 60% responded that they had a hopeful vision of their future, well below the 80 to 90% recorded elsewhere. When asked whether they thought they would be happy by the age of 40 years old, Japanese youth scored the lowest (63.9%) (Cabinet office, 2019).

depression and job search

It might seem like you’re giving yourself more options, but they’re not realistic. Instead, you’re cluttering your search, adding to your workload and making the process harder than it needs to be. If you need some help figuring out what you’re looking for, our find me a job page is a great place to start. To address these risks, there are two areas in which further policy change can better support mental health while tackling unemployment.

It’s a tough job market out there, especially for young peop… To discuss your job hunt, contact one of our consultants today. Perhaps you’ve been getting sick more often or having trouble sleeping? If you’ve noticed changes to your health, however small, this can be a sign you are suffering burnout. If this is the case, Building Better Opportunities have put together this resource to help you find your way and find the right support for your needs. Building Better Opportunities are a charity, providing employment support in Staffordshire.

Can depression cause trouble finding a job?

These complex feelings and mood fluctuations can further inhibit your job search. Being rejected from your job applications can create low self-esteem. It also prevents you from fully accepting yourself for the person you are. This lack of confidence in your abilities further prevents you from nailing that interview.

This Japanese-style hiring practice stands in stark contrast to elsewhere. In the western hiring tradition, the job is clearly defined at the time of posting, and the employer looks for a worker who can fulfill that particular job description. In Japan, job descriptions are laid out or articulated more nebulously in advance, and the employer looks for a worker with basic, general abilities and (more importantly) the potential to fit into the corporate culture. The prestige of the applicant’s university and its ranking, not his or her own attributes, is the first assessment tool in determining this ‘basic ability’.

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